DroneLand GL60 Plus Spotlight


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The GL60 Plus gimbal searchlight adopts 4 groups of optical imaging components, each group consists of 4 lenses combined, emitting a
sharp light column with only angle of 15 degrees, consistent color and even brightness, and stable output of 24lux optimal illumination,
effective irradiation distance up to 150 meters. Its effective illumination area is of 1225 square meters, elevating the aerial illumination effect
of UAV night operation to a new standard. It is compatible with DJI M200V2, M300RTK and other series of UAVs through DJISkyPort V2.0
interface, which can meet the needs of night inspection, warning and disperse and orientation indication, power grid patrol, search and
rescue and other night operations.

- DJI Pilot APP is supported
It is perfectly compatible with DJI Pilot APP. It can switch remotely to adjust light and dark, and switch between normal light and flash .

- Automatic follow camera
Can automatically follow the DJI camera rotation, the effect is very synchronous. Using five specially designed optical lenses, the rays are perfectly concentrated into a column of light at an Angle of 15 degrees, with minimal loss, and can reach up to 200 meters. 

- Imaging optical design
The image-level optical lens group provides a clear and sharp beam of light with uniform brightness and color.

- Fully sealed body, IP55 Water en dust resistant

- Weight: 750 gram

- Gimbal movement range: Pitch -110 degree to + 30 degree, Horizontal +/- 200 degree